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since 2018

About UsBaşkim is a leading international physical commodity trader at the heart of the global supply chain.

We market, trade, distribute and transport raw materials critical to the fertilizer, petrochemical and glass industries.
Since 2018, we have supported the growth of world trade as a reliable, independent, and global strategic partner, assuring the uninterrupted flow of key commodities through our logistical expertise and experience. We responsibly source these commodities, moving them from where they are produced to where they are needed.
Başkim is committed to being part of the solution to strengthening global supply chains.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on acting ethically, fairly, and with integrity wherever we do business, and we seek relationships with business partners who share our values.
Mutual respect fosters mutual commitment to shared business objectives, including our efforts to ensure safe and secure global supply chains.

We are aware that, as part of our business activities, we have responsibilities towards society and the environment.
We maintain a close dialogue with all of our stakeholders. This allows us to continue to update our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy in the regions in which we operate.

What we do

We seek to maximize value for our business partners by anticipating supply and demand across the entire supply chain. Our focus on marketing and logistics allows us to deliver in-depth knowledge of physical market supply and demand dynamics and logistics, as well as the ability to rapidly adjust to market conditions.
Our global presence in 30 countries gives us the extensive market knowledge and insight needed to understand the needs of our business partners.

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