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NPK fertilizer is a type of fertilizer used to meet the basic nutritional needs of plants. NPK is the symbolic representation of the elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), indicating the ratio of these three nutrients contained in the fertilizer. Each nutrient is important for the growth and development of plants and has different functions. Here are the main characteristics of NPK fertilizer:

Nitrogen (N): Nitrogen is an essential element in the structure of plants and plays an important role in many biochemical processes such as leaf growth, photosynthesis and protein synthesis. Nitrogen in NPK fertilizers is used to promote the rapid growth of plants and the formation of foliage.
Phosphorus (P): Phosphorus has an important role in processes such as energy transfer of plants, root development, flowering and fruit formation. In NPK fertilizers, phosphorus is used to strengthen the root system of plants, support the formation of flowers and fruits, and promote overall growth.
Potassium (K): Potassium is necessary for the water regulation of plants, disease resistance, nutrient uptake and general growth. Potassium also improves the fruit quality of plants, increases stress tolerance and supports the overall health of plants. Potassium in NPK fertilizers is used to stimulate the development of plants and increase a healthy crop yield.
NPK fertilizers provide nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium needed by plants in a balanced way. These fertilizers are used in agricultural lands, gardens, lawn areas, seedlings and other areas of plant cultivation. There are different formulations of NPK fertilizers and their use is determined according to the growth stages of plants, the results of soil analysis and the nutritional needs of plants. Dosage and administration instructions may vary depending on local agricultural practices and fertilization planning.